Financial Options

We at Rupell Funeral Home, LLC know that when our families choose a funeral home they are taking many things into consideration.

We pride ourselves in being family owned and operated, we have a convenient location, we are fair with our pricing, and willing to work with our families in finding the most dignified services for their loved one.

Options for Payment

We have various payment options to fit the needs of all of the families we serve.

We accept cash, check, credit card or Life Insurances. 

Cash or Checks:  Should you pay in full by the day of the funeral service, we offer a 2% discount. 

Insurance Assignment:  The funeral home will guide and help our families with the proper paper work to Assign the decedent's Life Insurance Policy.  An Assignment means that the Life Insurance company will pay the Funeral Home directly and the remaining funds will be sent to the beneficiary of the policy.

Credit Card:  We accept all major credit cards.  You may only charge Funeral Home Services and Merchandise.  Cash Disbursements must be paid with cash, check or guaranteed Life Insurance Assignment.

*All funeral service bills are sent out 2 weeks after the date of death and payment is expected within 30 days.